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George F. Moricz, MD
Palm Beach, FL.

Dear Friend,

If you are a ‘smart and savvy’ woman over forty who feels like she deserves to enjoy life like you did years ago…

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The Facts And a Warning…

FACT: Over the last 25 years, the discoveries and secrets exposed in my new book “Your New Beautiful Self” have worked like magic, not only for me, family members and close friends, but a following of women who have refused to age before her years.

I have not only revealed these discoveries and secrets but also implemented them day in and day out with the most difficult clients sent to me, even when nothing had previously ever worked.

For example,


Dr Moricz is an angel in a doctor’s suit. I am certain of this! I thank God every day for Dr. Moricz and his staff. The way I feel now is totally opposite of how I felt walking into his office the first time:

  • I have lost twenty-eight pounds in two months
  • I have no more hot flashes
  • My energy level is great
  • I sleep through the night
  • I don’t sleep until 3pm everyday
  • My depression has gone away
  • I am happy again
  • Sex with husband is better than it has ever been in my life! Imagine that!

I am loving life! This whole process has been a miracle in my life. I am fifty-six years old and feeling the way I did when I was twenty – E.B.

And another one


“Wow!! What can I say? If you can’t put one foot in front of the other, you can get help! There are doctors out there that will really help you! And I finally found one of those doctors, Dr. Moricz. I am a high school math teacher so I work in an extremely stressful environment! At age 63 I had about decided that I needed to quit, go home and sit in my chair! But I wasn’t ready for that. Dr. Moricz has helped me come back to life! I think my hormones are balanced for the first time in my life! Sex is amazing and fun! My husband says I wasn’t like that in my twenties! I have lost fat, have more energy and want to do things. I even handle stress better.” – Allyson Tollet

Or take


“As I described my symptoms to a friend, she told me about Dr. Moricz. She told me she had felt just like me… no energy, no motivation, nor the will to get better. Taking her advice to see Dr. Moricz was the best decision I made. Dr. Moricz’s program was exactly what I needed, and I have been able to quit taking other medications. I have energy to get back into my exercise routine. The irritability, frustrations, tense, worry feelings, hot flashes, night-sweats and nausea… GONE! After feeling bad for so long, it’s hard to find the words to express how AWESOME it is to have energy and feel strong physically and mentally once again!” – Marsha Minton

Imagine what experiencing this for yourself would do for you.

But now for “The Warning”…

I can’t guarantee that the discoveries and secrets in my book will produce those kinds of results for you and your lifestyle.

I don’t know how open you will be to this or if you will embrace and use any or all of these discoveries and secrets that you’ll discover in my book. So promising that you’ll get life-changing results would be unfair.

I’m sharing this with you from the beginning because I respect the people who have entrusted me over the last 25 years as a doctor and would only want to help you in the same way should you choose to invest the time to read and benefit from Your New Beautiful Self.

I will, however, say this …

This Really Works...






Over and over again...

It has worked for me personally...

It transformed the lives of the people closest to me that I love...

It worked for everyone who entrusted me to make them look and feel younger...

So, I’m solidly convinced that it will work for you too…

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It's your roadmap to feeling and performing youthful like you did years ago while enjoying the life of your dreams!

Discover “Your New Beautiful Self” and Uncover the Discoveries and Secrets Privy to Only My Closest VIP Clients Who took the Leap and Transformed their Lives…

What you’re going to discover when you take (100% free) action now:

  • Why is it that some women never seem to age?
  • The real reason why watching what you eat and exercising is GUARANTEED to never again produce the results it did for you years ago…
  • It’s not surprising you are feeling less refreshed after a good night’s sleep and experiencing a drop in energy by afternoon – together we’re going to reverse this terrible trend!
  • The missing ingredient for “jumpstarting” your love life …
  • Why some “lucky” women are now enjoying the productivity and relationships they enjoyed in their twenties. (And you can too!)
  • Avoid INVISIBLE WOMAN SYNDROME and get noticed again…
  • And that’s just scratching the surface…

“Now, You May Be Wondering…”

If this book is as valuable as you claim, why are you giving it away for free?

Two reasons:

First, life has been good to me since I made these discoveries and secrets available to the people who have supported me and now live the life of their dreams. It’s my mission that each and every “smart and savvy” woman over forty benefit from everything that I have dedicated my life’s work to do.

Second, by delivering over-the-top value in this life-changing book, I know that you’ll want to impact the world around you, too, and help me spread the word which I cannot do by myself.

That’s why I am being so generous.

It’s that simple…


I think it's obvious why you should choose to benefit from this life-changing book.

I’m proud of it.

It’s exceptional.

Extremely exceptional.

I plan to share it with those who could benefit from it for a very long time.

The only “scarcity” (outside of this book not being free forever) is the one you’re probably already experiencing:

  • If you’re not living the life of your dreams and feel like you deserve to feel younger than your years.
  • If you’re NOT experiencing the rewards in personal relationships and productivity that you should be getting, then you need this book.
  • If you feel like you are not impacting the world at the level that you would have expected years ago and instead have tried anything and everything, following the latest trends, and feeling a little disappointed because no-one had ever taken the time to share these life changing secrets, then you definitely need this book.

REALLY – You NEED this book.

So, scarcity and limitation aren’t on my end. It’s on yours. It’s what you’re facing every day right now.

So why should you wait any longer?

I can’t wait to hear of your youthful transformation!

Just click the button below and discover the thrill of looking, feeling and performing like you did years ago with the secrets and discoveries shared by me to you…

With kind regards,
George F. Moricz, MD
America’s Favorite Youth Doctor